from the boardroom to the command line

we do not just think along, we think ahead.

Revval was founded because we believe that the industry is in need for transparant, trustworthy and engaged advisors fully capable of operating in the gap between management and operational IT. For companies small and big, Revval aims to guide their digital endeavours as smooth as possible while keeping people central. We are passionate about making IT secure, tangible and accessible with the newest technologies to add resilliency to your business and secure your assets for the long run. We are able to translate complex technical challenges in to bite sized pieces of information that will add up to major improvements in the long run.


people first

no, really. people are our biggest assets and responsible for succes.


we value transparant communication and are firm but polite.

quality without compromise

we go above and beyond to deliver impeccable service and support for all of our services, small and big.

stay hungry

we venture in uncharted territory, taking calculated risks and are constantly improving by looking for new possibilities to add value to our services.

if we do not stand for something, we'll fall for anything.

revval with us.

Besides that we are passionate about security and the cloud, we are also nice to talk to.